Supporting others & our community

At Hartley Dental, we’re much more than a dental practice. Firstly, we believe in putting your health first. And by this we don’t just mean oral health, we genuinely care about the whole make-up of your health and wellbeing. We make it our mission to make sure great oral health helps you on the way to getting healthy and staying healthy.

We also believe in supporting others around us and our local community. Charlie has raised £1000s for St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth and the whole team always ‘do their bit’ when they can to support others.

Watch this space to see how we’re helping and how you can get involved!

June 2016

The Hartley Team are always pleased to support the local community wherever possible and take every chance we get to make a positive difference within our local communities. To help enable us to do this, we have built a relationship with Well Connected who complete some fantastic work with children and disadvantaged groups across the Plymouth area.

Edd, Laura and Janie recently made a visit to St. Peters C of E Primary School in Plymouth, where they carried out an interactive oral health education session with the year 5 children. This was led by Laura (Oral Health Educator) and Janie (Dental Hygienist) who took the children through various educational activities, which focused on the dangers of excessive sugar in their diets and the importance of brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, for a minimum of two minutes. The kids responded really well to the session and especially enjoyed using disclosing tablets to see how much new and old plaque was on their teeth – a real eye opener for them!

At the end of the session each of them received a National Smile Month  goody bag, which contained a smiley face, a sugar awareness book mark, some sugar free Polo’s, a toothbrush and toothpaste – as you can see from the picture below, they loved them, especially the smiley faces!