Air Flow Polishing for a Brighter Smile

Visiting our Dental Hygienist is an integral part of maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping your smile as glistening as it can be. Improving your dental health undoubtable effects your levels of self confidence, after all, the better your smile, the more you want to show it off! One of the ways in which we achieve this at Hartley is by polishing your teeth with the EMS Air Flow system.

Air Flow technology delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. Having your teeth air polished with the Air Flow system has a number of therapeutic advantages; firstly it removes dental plaque and therefore helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease around natural teeth and implants. It is also fantastic at removing staining from the tooth surface and it’s particularly useful to have an air polish prior to the bonding of orthodontic brackets.

Even in the presence of great oral hygiene, over time we all develop staining on the tooth surface. This staining can originate from pigmented foods such as chilli con carne and curries, drinks such as tea and coffee and habits such as smoking. Air Flow polishing is an extremely effective way of improving your smile and it also helps maintain a healthy mouth.  So if you can’t keep away from lifestyle choices that, overtime will dull your smile, the Air Flow process will be highly beneficial to you. It is not usually used as a stand-alone treatment, but it is a valuable part of our routine Dental Hygienist appointments. To book yourself in for a Dental Hygienist appointment or to find out more about the Air Flow system give Hartley a call on 01752 547647