Dental Health

At Hartley Dental, we put your health first.

Having a healthy mouth is one of the secrets to having a healthy body. If you look after your teeth and your gums you’ll be giving your immune system a boost, reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing the risk of oral cancer.

Our approach centres on keeping you healthy so you avoid complicated (and expensive) problems in the long term. From our Dental Hygiene team right through to the expertise of Dr Fox himself, you’ll always be in safe hands and receiving the very best dental care.

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“I would just like to share a big thank you with all the staff at Hartley Dental. I’m such a nervous patient, yet you all reassure me and I feel the most comfortable I ever have in a dentist’s surgery with you! I still have my knee-knocking days but somehow you always manage to turn that around…last week I was even laughing during treatment. I never thought that was possible. So once again, many, many thanks!”

Gemma, October 4th 2015