Dental Implants

We are able to offer you Dental Implants here at Hartley Dental with Dr. Ramin Ordi. Implants are a great option for many patients, but are non the less a complex procedure. We have detailed some of the options available below – so why not book your implant assessment today?

Although we do not currently offer Dental Implants at Hartley, we like our current and potential patients to be in possession of all the facts around this type of treatment and what benefits it could bring them. We therefore operate a referral service with one of our Oral Health partners, to ensure every patient has access to the most appropriate treatment for their needs.

Dental Implants look and feel like your own teeth

Based on a titanium ‘root’, they are incredibly strong and resistant to decay, just one of the benefits of using Dental Implants.

They don’t risk other teeth

Dental implants can be an alternative option to having a dental bridge for some people. This does depend on how healthy the person in question’s gums are and how much good bone there is in the gums. The beauty of Dental Implants, is that they ‘stand alone’ leaving the teeth around them totally unaffected and looking very natural indeed.


Although Dental Implants ‘sounds like’ one of the more invasive treatments, it is because they are completely independent of any existing tooth, or root, that having Dental Implants fitted is one of the more comfortable of treatments.

We know it doesn’t sound right, but because we’re not going near the nerves of any live teeth, Implants are one of the least painful treatments and people often tell us they’re eating fine later the same day without any discomfort.

Mind the gaps

When teeth go missing, it is an extremely quick process for the gum and bone to ‘shrink’ back into the cavity left, and this can often happen within 48 hours. The end result is often a little uneveness in the gum line and sometimes, particularly with bridges it can leave a small recess which may only visible if you look closely, but can still felt by our patients.

If a tooth is still in place, it is possible that Dental Implants can sometimes be fitted as the old tooth is extracted (depending on available bone and conditions), which helps avoid this recess. So if you have wobbly teeth, contact us as soon as you can, and come in to find out what all the options are.

Dental Implants last longer

Because the Dental Implant root is embedded in the bone, it makes it much less likely to break than other methods of replacing teeth.

Although as a profession dentistry is conservative and we move slowly with new things, Implants have been around long enough to have some history. And whilst nothing is forever, Dental Implants are generally accepted as lasting a long time and for that reason we feel they are good value.

Current thinking is that Dental Implants should last 15 years or more, but that they do have to be looked after and kept clean to guard against infection, just like normal teeth in fact.

Implant retained dentures

The most common way to replace multiple missing teeth is the trusty denture.

But for a lot of denture wearers, the biggest problem is that the dentures are not fixed in place. This can be quite uncomfortable, leading to difficulty in eating and some embarrassment for the wearer.

We can now use Dental Implants to enhance the experience of dentures. Having an implant for every tooth would be very expensive, and the ‘implant retained denture’ instead uses the dental implants as ‘locators’ to keep the dentures fixed. This is a fantastic development, which we feel does offer the best of both worlds.

What to do next

If you are worried you may be about to lose all or some of your teeth, please come and talk to us. There are a number of options available, as well as those above, and it is easier to make decisions once you have all the information. There’s never any pressure to proceed and things are probably not as bad as they seem.

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“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015

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