Dentures & Clip-Ins

At Hartley we can provide you with dentures to replace a full set of teeth as well as bridges and clip-ins that are the ideal solution for replacing singular missing teeth.

Dentures are an effective way to improve the appearance of your smile, boost your confidence and enable you to enjoy the food that you may have had to avoid in the past.

For many people the aesthetic factor is the overriding motivation for having dentures fitted, but there are other factors that are worth considering. Leaving missing teeth can result in strain being placed on the teeth that remain, as they are no longer supported on either side. It can affect your bite if the remaining teeth move to fill in the gap, it can also result in food getting stuck in the space which can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease.

There are many effective treatments available for people considering full or partial dentures but their success depends on several factors such as the condition of the gums and remaining teeth. If you are considering dentures we will give you a thorough examination and work together to find the most effective solution that is tailor made for you and your needs.

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Questions About Dentures & Clip-Ins

From what! It is just a denture, so no recovery…
Yes – take care with the new teeth as they may take some adaptation or may need some adjustment.
Yes it is quite likely as the thickness of the coverage in the palate will affect the tongues position. Normally people adapt to this very quickly with an improvement in speech during the appointment! Most people adapt within 3-4 hours. Very occasionally this may last a couple of days.
Making a denture well is not a quick process. We like to take two lots of impressions, try in the denture before final finishing and double check the bite and aesthetics. The minimum time frame is about 5 weeks start to finish.

“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015

Membership & Plans

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  • A discount on any restorative work required.

We have a four tier system which gives you cover whether you need anything from our most straight forward treatments, to regular treatments for serious gum disease. After an initial assessment we will be able to advise you which of our plans best suits your needs.

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