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FAQs with Dr Fox

Watch as Dr Charlie Fox explains all you need to know about orthodontic treatment at Hartley Dental including the different options available and the approach we take to give you the service you’re looking for.

Jordi’s Story

Jordi came to see us after many years of worrying about the appearance of his teeth. He spent along time concerned about how braces would affect his appearance before he reached the point where he felt he could go on no longer without seeing a dentist.

This is his story:

“For so many years, I put off getting braces out of fear of being embarrassed or looking silly, until it got past the point where I was more self-conscious about not having straight teeth, than I would be, wearing braces. I decided to go to Hartley Dental, as they are one of a few practices in the south west that seem to work with Damon Braces, which I was keen to get fitted. I was welcomed into the practice and given some really helpful guidance, at which point I knew I was making the right decision. After all, getting braces can be costly in both time and money.

“I’ve had to have two wisdom teeth extracted before braces, which I was fairly nervous about. Charlie and his team made it seem a doddle… from Justyna the receptionist comforting my nerves by telling me about the time she had her wisdom teeth out and her own fears of the dentist, to Charlie and the nurse’s concise and calming presence! I healed really quickly and not long after, got my braces on! Charlie let me plug in my iPod throughout the two hours, and Maleesa made me feel even more excited by showing me the molds of what my teeth will look like afterwards.

“I’ve had these braces on a week now and my teeth have already began to move noticeably, so much more than I’d expected. I’m really looking forward to going back to my next appointment, as I do with every appointment. The staff at Hartley are so warm and welcoming; as is the atmosphere of the surgery – two words I would never have thought I would associate with a dental practice! I would definitely recommend Hartley.”