Root Canal

Often referred to as ‘endodontics,’ this is a procedure where the Dentist will treat infection deep in the centre of the tooth – known as the ‘root canal.’

This is the Dental Pulp at the centre of the tooth and it is very important that this area is kept healthy and treated promptly when an issue is identified.

The infection can be caused by various issues, most commonly:

  • Tooth decay,
  • Leaky fillings,
  • Trauma damage to the teeth, from things such as a bad fall.

So How do we Diagnose Root Canal Issues in Your Teeth?

The symptoms that should prompt a visit to your Dentist for a consultation are:

  • Pain when eating – particularly sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks,
  • Pain when biting or chewing,
  • A loose tooth.

It’s REALLY IMPORTANT to visit your Dentist when these symptoms occur, as the centre of your tooth (the pulp) is effectively dying! When the pulp has gone completely, the symptoms will subside, but more severe issues will eventually follow, such as:

  • Severe pain when biting or chewing,
  • Swelling of the gum near the affected tooth,
  • Pus coming out from around the infected tooth,
  • Noticeable facial swelling,
  • The tooth becoming darker in colour.

These symptoms are really not very good and if treatment is not forthcoming you may loose that tooth for good – so please do visit your Dentist as soon as possible! Fear not though, as long as you visit Hartley Dental when the initial symptoms occur – we should be able to save your tooth and always look to keep the natural teeth in your mouth wherever we can!

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Questions About Root Canal

Well the first port of call is to make sure it actually is a root canal issue and this is done by taking X-Rays, which your Dentist will do for you. The Dentist will then be able to see whether the pulp is damaged and to what degree.

The Dentist is basically then left left with two options:

1) Perform root canal treatment,

2) Extract the tooth.

If this is the case, our Dentist will fully explain to you what is needed to help put things right with the affected tooth. This is quite a lengthy procedure and can take over 2 hours to complete. This is due to our Dentist needing to remove the Bacteria from the root canal area of the tooth. Once the Bacteria is removed, a solid filling is inserted into the tooth to help rebuild it. Once the tooth is suitably re-built a crown is placed on top to protect the tooth and help prevent infections in the future.
If the worst case scenario does occur and the tooth cannot be saved, an extraction will be necessary to relieve the pain and solve the problem. This will be performed by the Dentist at the earliest opportunity.

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