Teeth Replacement

Whether it’s the result of an accident or due to oral infections such as gum disease, losing teeth can be a traumatic and often painful experience.

It can also alter your appearance which can in turn have a huge effect on your self confidence.

Not all treatments will suit everybody, and therefore most decisions will need a discussion with personal situation in mind. Below are some brief descriptions of each to help you decide.


Dentures are removable teeth. These can be used to replace single teeth as well as many teeth.

Dentures can be made of Acrylic or Metal or we also make ‘Flexi-dentures’ now.


Until dental implants came along dental bridges were the top treatment for the replacement of single teeth or a number of teeth. Bridges require some sound teeth to attach to – usually either side of a gap.

Dental Implants

Titanium implants are now used to replace missing teeth.  A minor surgical procedure is undertaken to gently screw a titanium implant into the bone where a tooth is missing.

The level of comfort over time is usually the most important consideration, with costs, discretion and how long the solution will last.

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Questions About Teeth Replacement

This depends on what type of treatments you have had completed. We always endeavour to make any treatment we provide as comfortable and painless as possible, with full access to follow up advice and guidance.
We would always advise against having any very hot or very cold drinks with 3-4 hours of having any Oral Health treatment, just to ensure any anaesthetic has worn off! The team will always give you lots of advice and guidance during and after your appointments.
We always remind our patients to be careful about what they eat post any Oral Health treatment as we don’t want any damage happening right after your treatment! If you have had any treatment that involves anaesthetic (which some teeth replacement treatments may involve) then we strongly advise that you avoid eating until the anaesthetic has worn off. If you do you may unknowingly bite your inner cheeks and lips, causing ulcers and bruising – not what we want!
In some circumstances, a teeth replacement treatment will affect how you talk – but don’t panic, the effects are only ever temporary! Having a new device in your mouth, or having had anaesthetic can sometimes lead to your speech being affected, but these effects should wear off within a few hours.
This depends on what type of treatment you have and any complexities involved with it. We always make sure that our patients are fully aware of how long each appointment will take and work hard to make sure these appointments fit in with your work, private and social life.

“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015

Membership & Plans

A simple method of looking after your teeth and mouth at a price you can really afford.

Our membership includes:

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  • X-rays
  • Out of hours emergency cover
  • Accidental injury cover,
  • Emergency cover away from home including when abroad 
  • A discount on any restorative work required.

We have a four tier system which gives you cover whether you need anything from our most straight forward treatments, to regular treatments for serious gum disease. After an initial assessment we will be able to advise you which of our plans best suits your needs.

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