Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening dentistry, widely known as Orthodontics has developed rapidly over recent years and is now available to many more people, at a much lower cost than ever it used to be.

A full range of teeth straightening techniques

We have all the choices, and really, the only consideration is patient choice in terms of budget, comfort and appearance. We’ll only know the best course of action once you’ve heard all you need to make up your own mind.

Train track braces?

It used to be the irony of braces that people who wanted to improve their appearance would have to feel worse, before they got better. We don’t need to think of ‘train track’ braces these days.

Everyone is looking for a way to improve their smile without letting the world know they’re doing it, and quite right too. So we’ve developed a complete range of services to help people feel better about their smile, and make it easier for people to keep their mouths healthy at the same time.

Invisible aligners?

Of course, the word invisible is a great term for the marketers, and although aligners such as Invisalign and Clearstep will be ‘less visible’ and people won’t notice so much, they aren’t completely invisible to the eye, let’s be clear about that.

There are also invisible fixed braces which sit inside the teeth, and are usually therefore much less visible – a very small wire between gaps might be visible – but for fixing crowded teeth you don’t even see that.

We have the Damon System, which is not invisible as such, but with tooth coloured fixings and wire, the effect is much less dramatic then it ever used to be, and actually much kinder on the teeth too.

How quick should it be?

We have treatments that take an hour, such as closing small gaps, to those with a quick 12 week course, or some that can be longer term for many months. This commitment has a different impact on people depending on their own circumstances.

Fixed or removable?

A consideration is definitely that if you do choose a removable appliance, will it stay on as long as it needs to? It has to be a practical solution.

Do you need an appliance at all?

A great many people believe that they need Orthodontics, or veneers, when actually we have newer techniques that provide a greater choice.

Minor straightening

It’s not well publicised that there are now very simple procedures available due to the new, stronger and more malleable materials coming into the profession. People shouldn’t have to put up with those minor irritations with the appearance of their teeth anymore.

Front teeth straightening

Straightening just the front teeth is more than possible, and with modern dental techniques we provide very simple teeth shaping with new dental bonding materials.

Closing gaps

Quite often, this is achievable in other ways rather than using appliances, such as new composite materials that blend into your current teeth colour and become quite invisible. We can often complete this sort of work within a single visit.

We wish more people knew about this, it might save them a lot of needless discomfort about their smile.

Relieving overcrowding

Depending on the way you feel, there could be a simple straightening, with invisible fixed braces,

Clinical considerations

  • Ease of hygiene through the treatment
  • Length of treatment; varying completely between a couple of hours and 18 months, brackets can be slightly quicker than aligners, for example
  • The health of gums and bone need to be established before treatment
  • For overcrowding, unsightly or misaligned teeth, extraction is a last, but sometimes necessary, option
  • Levels of discomfort currently experienced

Cost considerations

  • Longer orthodontic treatments will generally cost more
  • Budget of the patient, versus the long term benefits of the different treatments
  • Because of the brackets shipping from California, initial and overall costs can be higher for aligners
  • Payment plans are available

Personal considerations

  • How many visits are required of the patient
  • Requirements for discrete, invisible or non metal, tooth coloured brackets and braces
  • Events the patient may have coming up, weddings for example
  • In certain cases, retainers will be needed to be worn 2-3 times a week after treatment is finished, it is a consideration before that person starts treatment

We hope that gives a full overview of the treatments, the factors and the wide range of options available to you.

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Jana, October 10th 2015