Dental emergency treatment

Dental pain is an emergency

Dental pain is an emergency


Of all the aspects of dentistry, pain is never far from people’s thoughts.

I’ve heard it said a few times that ‘to suffer is to be human’, but for all the world I can’t think of anything more inhuman than dental pain. On the other hand, it is just when people are in that pain that we can help them the most.

Believe it or not, as a dental industry we still get a bad press about pain, and I think that’s a bit of a hang over from an age long ago. But, these days, it would be fair to say that Dentist and Patient alike just want it to go away as quickly as possible.

These days, in case of doubt, pain control comes first.

We try to do our bit.

As well as prioritising pain control, whether people are members or patients of Hartley Dental or not, anyone in pain can call and book to see us.

We’ll do our very best to switch things around and attend to their pain.

We are not yet a 24 hour 7 day a week operation. I guess as the practice grows then it might be a possibility in the future, but at this stage, we are offering a first come first served appointment system in and around our normal working hours.

It’s just the human thing to do.

We’ve made it a fixed price, whatever needs doing, to make it easier for people to know what to expect. Emergency Dental Service (Plymouth)