The Hartley Team Up their Game at Training Sessions

Hartley team game training sessions

As a practice, the Hartley team are constantly striving to be the very best. We want to be at the top of our game so that you, the client, always receive a service that is the absolute best it can be.
The world of dentistry is always rapidly changing and evolving, so one of the ways we do this is by taking part in regular training sessions. So far this year we’ve embarked on two of them, both for very different reasons.
The first training session involved us sitting down with a business consultant/guru to examine the day to day running of the practice and your experience when visiting us, to try to find any ways in which we could improve. From booking appointments to the face to face service we provide, right through to follow up and after care, we turned over every aspect of the practice to see if and how it could be improved. Having someone with a fresh pair of eyes was hugely valuable and together we came up with some exciting ideas that we can’t wait to put in to place.
The 2nd training day saw the Hartley team complete their essential medical emergency training. This training is vital to ensure we all feel competent and confident to use our emergency equipment, to recognise potential problems and act fast to prevent emergency situations that might endanger either you or the team. We hope that we never have to put this training to use but you’ll be pleased to hear we are now all suitably equipped to take on an emergency at Hartley, if one should ever arise.
Both of the training days were extremely different in their approaches and subjects, but we came away from both of them having learned a lot. Training days like these are just one of the ways in which we ensure you continue to receive the premium standard of care you deserve.
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