How long does it take to brush your teeth?

We all know how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day but how long does it take to brush your teeth? The chances are you’re probably doing it far too quickly…

We know what it’s like; you’re in a rush in the morning so you grab the toothbrush, a little bit of toothpaste, quick scrub of the teeth and that’s the job done. Unfortunately, you’re more than likely missing out big chunks of your mouth while leaving bacteria clinging to your teeth.

You should be spending two minutes, twice a day brushing your teeth. Every day our teeth are going to have a lot thrown at them – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tea, coffee, sugary drinks – so we need to give them the TLC they deserve so they have chance to breathe.

Good brushing will lead to healthier teeth and your mouth will feel much cleaner and fresher. By looking after your teeth effectively you will be doing all you can to prevent oral health problems in the future.

Some electric toothbrushes will be timed to run for two minutes and others will play music to mark the time – some will even sync to your smartphone so you can track your brushing patterns!

As well as taking the right amount of time it’s important to remember to cover your whole mouth, the fronts and backs of your teeth and your tongue. That way you’ll stop the build of a plaque and have healthier teeth.

So next time it comes to brushing, take a timer with you and see how long it takes. Most tend to be between 15 and 45 seconds – a good deal short of the required two minutes.

See how long it takes you and if you can see if you can get to two minutes of cleaning twice a day; you’ll be amazed at the difference.

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