Introducing our New Isolite

Introducing new Isolite


At Hartley Dental we are always striving to improve our patients’ comfort by increasing our level of service. We are determined to kill the myth that a trip to the dentist has to be unpleasant. As part of this mission we have recently added a new tool to our kit, The Isolite!

This groundbreaking piece of dental technology provides hands-free suction and brilliant intra-oral illumination. We bought it because we wanted to improve comfort for our patients, make working in certain areas of the mouth easier and therefore provide higher quality work which lasts longer. The combined light and suction unit  give a clear field of vision, excellent lighting and keep the patient’s tongue and cheek out of the way. This allows the patient to relax because they can bite on the device and rest their jaws – no more face ache from long appointments! The specially shaped soft ends protect the airway as well.
We have only been using it 2 weeks but so far all patients have given favourable responses – generally people find it more comfortable and relaxing than other mouth suction devices. Treatment times can be reduced and the lighting really helps both nurse and dentist. We have used it to treat both kids and adults as  there are lots of different sizes, all with great results.

To book an appointment and see the benefits for yourself, give Hartley a call on 01752 546632