Why should I join the Hartley Membership Plan?

At Hartley Dental, we have a range of core values and ethics, guiding the way in how we conduct our business.

Our biggest commitment to you is to make sure you’re offered a ‘Health First’ approach to your care when part of the Hartley family. The core of this commitment is ensuring all our care comes from a prevention led approach. Prevention is better than cure, it’s as simple as that! We provide a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment and pride ourselves on keeping to this ethos at all times.

So How Do We Achieve This?

Well, our Membership Plan is a great start and is available to anyone who joins as a patient at Hartley. The Membership Plan is a monthly payable option, which gives a minimum of two hygienist visits per year, with one combined Healthy Mouth Review (these are referred to as ‘check ups’ by some…) with our dentist and owner, Dr Charlie Fox. The frequency of visits may be more regular, depending on your unique circumstances and level of oral health – this is designed to ensure you get the correct level of expert care and attention specific to your circumstances.

We work in partnership with DPAS, who administer this plan for us and take the monthly payments on our behalf.

What Are the Benefits of The Membership Plan?

There are so many benefits attached to joining our Membership Plan, that a bullet point list is required:

  • All preventative Dental Care is included,
  • Guaranteed registration with the Practice and continuing access to your Dentist,
  • Payment is made by convenient monthly direct debit, allowing you to budget easily for your Oral Health care,
  • Early detection of Dental issues, helping you avoid pain and discomfort,
  • Appointment times to suit you wherever possible, booked as far in advance as necessary,
  • 10% discount fees on certain treatments*,
  • Priority booking, in the event of a Dental Emergency,
  • Access to a 24 hour dental emergency helpline, 365 days per year,
  • WORLDWIDE Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance (see below),
  • X-Rays are included in the monthly investment from you, along with diet advice, smoking cessation advice, oral hygiene advice and home Oral Health routines advice and guidance.

WOW! And all this from as little as £17.50** per month! We’re confident these options give you real value for money, allowing you to take ownership of your own oral health, with the full support from our clinical team on every step of your journey.

Supplementary Insurance:

The Supplementary Insurance, is a fantastic addition to support your regular visits to our hygiene team and Charlie, allowing you to have the peace of mind, that should you sustain an injury whilst away from home you have someone to turn too for help, advice and treatment. The Insurance provides up to £10,000 (yes – £10,000!) worth of treatment following dental injury (terms & conditions apply). This includes a cash benefit if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with oral cancer.

The Insurance, which is included as part of your monthly investment with us via DPAS, is designed to cover the cost of temporary emergency treatment whilst you are away from home. This does not include treatment carried out here at Hartley, at any other Dentists within a 15 mile radius of Hartley or a rota Dentist. However, call-out fees charged by any dentist (including Hartley) to open their surgery specifically for your injury or emergency can be claimed back up to policy limits.

When you join our plan all the insurance information will be sent to you, which includes policy limits, contact details and a full breakdown of the cover.

So, I think you can see why we value our monthly payable membership plan so highly and are always keen for our customers to see the benefits of being a member of it.

Does this sound like something that you would find a benefit? Why not pop into the practice to see one of our helpful Front of House Team or call 01752 661361 to speak with them and find out about this fantastic option.

Let’s keep working together to improve families smiles for generations to come!

*Excludes Orthodontic Treatments.
**Prices vary depending on medical risk and are correct at the time of publication.