Look after your teeth this Halloween

It’s that time of year when the ghouls come out, the witches grab their broomsticks and the skeletons start rattling their bones.

Halloween is here and tomorrow evening kids (and probably some grown ups) across the land will be asking the question “Trick or treat?” in the hope of going home with buckets full of sweets. We enjoy Halloween as much as the next person but it’s our job to make sure your teeth stay as magnificent as a vampire’s and not as rotten as a corpse’s.

That’s why we’ve put together a few little ideas for enjoying Halloween and looking after your teeth at the same time.

1. Enjoy in moderation

It’s very easy to get carried away and over indulge on Halloween. With the latest advice suggesting the recommended daily allowance is 7 teaspoons of sugar (or 28 grams) it’s easy to see how Halloween treats can send this skyrocketing. A pack of Percy Pigs contains 125g of sugar alone. Enjoy a treat but don’t trick your health by consuming too much sugar.

2. Brush better than usual

Take a good two minutes to brush your teeth before going to bed after the trick or treat excitement. Good brushing will lead to healthier teeth and your mouth will feel much cleaner and fresher. By looking after your teeth effectively you will be doing all you can to prevent oral health problems in the future. This is important all year round, not just on Halloween.

3. Try a healthy alternative

You don’t have to stick to the Haribo and Skittles. Why not have fruits as a treat this year? You can create some scary spectacles which also happen to be much healthier. Have a look here for some inspiration.

Enjoy Halloween and try to make sure you keep the sweet intake to a reasonable level. Healthy teeth and good oral health help improve our overall health and wellbeing with everything from improving sleep to reducing the risks of cancer.

Look after yourself this Halloween and next time we see you, we’ll make sure we say ‘fangs’…