Hartley Dental Plymouth

How we made a trip to the dentist something to look forward to

You all know the feeling. The sense of dread in the pit of your stomach, hands wringing with nervous tension, a bead of sweat on your brow…this is how many people the world over feel before a trip to the dentist.

It’s not great is it? That’s why we’ve set about trying to change it, turn it on its head and do the complete opposite. Our aim is to not only make it so a trip to the dentist isn’t feared, we want to make it enjoyable.

Looking after our oral health is something we can all do better and with more and more studies finding evidence linking good oral health to good all-round health, a trip to the dentist should be a regular date in your diary.

So what do we do to make it enjoyable?

  • First impressions are everything. At Hartley Dental you’ll find a luxurious waiting area with comfortable, cushioned seating, the latest selection of magazines (including Private Eye, sports magazines and lifestyle editions) and free Nespresso coffee. This gives our patients the chance to relax in comfort before their treatment. Free Wifi is available, so you can keep up to date with work or check your social networks when in our waiting area. We’re also big believers in investing in our patients, staff and customers. So we’ve even got a brand new reception area coming at the end of March to further enhance our offering!
  • We know our patients are busy people with full schedules. To cater for their needs we offer flexible appointment times that can be adjusted depending on the treatment needed. We also have a dedicated Treatment Coordinator who is in the practice solely to attend to the needs of our current and potential customers.
  • We decipher the jargon! Between our Treatment Coordinator and Dental Nurse, we give each an every new customer an hour of consultation around the initial 24 point Oral Health (medical?) assessment with the dentist, deciphering jargon and giving qualified and balanced advice.
  • We offer bespoke and accurate treatment planning – allowing customers to fully understand what treatment options are available and at what cost.
  • We work in partnership with other local healthcare practitioners, like Faye Pedler Physiotherapy Clinic, because we care about the overall health of our patients and aren’t just a revolving door of profit!
  • When it comes to oral health we take a preventative approach. Each patient gets appointments with a dedicated hygiene team offering oral health advice, guidance and treatment.

Throw into this mix all our staff and Dr Charlie Fox himself and you’ve have an incredible team committed to providing you with the very best experience when you come to see us. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what our patients have to say…