Membership Plan

Our plan is designed for patients who wish to attend the practice on a regular basis and have peace of mind that their preventive dental care is covered.

Your Benefits
– ™all your preventive dental care is included
-™ payment by convenient monthly Direct Debit, allowing you
to budget
™- guaranteed registration with the practice and continuing access to your dentist
™ – early identifcation of dental problems to prevent pain, discomfort and inconvenience
-™ appointment times to suit you whenever possible
-™ at least 10% discount on treatment fees
-™ priority booking in the event of a dental emergency
-™ access to a 24 hour dental emergency helpline 365 days per year
™ – worldwide Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance

How will it work and what will it include?

Membership is a monthly payment scheme, which includes:

-™ examinations
™- dental hygienist appointments (30 minutes per visit)
™- x-rays
™- diet and oral hygiene advice
™- membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home or abroad

There are different plans to suit your individual needs – your dentist and hygienist will be able to advise which is best for you.

Membership Plan 1 – £19.25

Annual examinations, six monthly hygiene visits.

Membership Plan 2 – £25.95

Six monthly examinations, six monthly hygiene visits.

Membership Plan 3 – £31.15

Eight monthly examinations, four monthly hygiene visits.

Membership Plan 4 – £41.80

Six monthly examinations, three monthly hygiene visits (to include full mouth periodontal charting annually).

The monthly plan cost includes the charges for management and administration payable by you to DPAS. Treatment not covered by this plan can be paid for separately.

Membership FAQs

All you have to do is complete a registration form for us and a Direct Debit mandate and authorisation form for DPAS.

In addition to your first monthly payment, a one-off registration fee of £10 per person will be payable by you to DPAS and will be included in your first Direct Debit payment.

If you choose to leave the plan for any reason you can do so by simply giving us one month’s notice.

You will have access to a 24 hour, 365 day worldwide dental emergency helpline, which will endeavour to find an English speaking dentist to assist you.
If you have any questions about our plan, please contact our reception team who will be happy to provide further information and guidance.
Your Supplementary Insurance provides:

✓ cover for:
• up to £10,000 worth of treatment following dental injury
• temporary emergency treatment whilst away from home in the UK or abroad
(up to the limits specified)
• the call-out fee charged by a dentist opening their surgery to treat you in an emergency (up to the limits specified)
✓ hospital cash benefit under the care of an oral/ maxillofacial surgeon
✓ cash benefit if diagnosed with oral cancer
✓ 24 hour access to a worldwide emergency helpline.

The Supplementary Insurance is designed to cover the cost of temporary emergency treatment whilst you are away from home and therefore excludes the cost of emergency treatment carried out by your own dentist, a rota dentist, or any other dentist within a 15 mile radius of your practice.

However, call-out fees charged by any dentist to open their surgery (including your own dentist) are recoverable up to policy limits.
In the event of a dental injury, treatment carried out by any dentist (including your own dentist) is covered up to policy limits.

Please refer to the Policy Summary and Important Information lea et and the Policy for full details of the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions.

“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015