Adult Braces

Forget about train tracks.

There is a certain stigma attached to braces which comes from memories of children (or perhaps yourself) at school with thick and heavy wired train tracks attached to their teeth for years at a time. But what many people don’t realise is that teeth straightening techniques have moved on eons since then and there is now a huge range of options for adults looking for an effective yet discreet way to straighten their teeth.

Options available

We have all the choices, and really, the only consideration is patient choice in terms of budget, comfort and appearance. We’ll only know the best course of action once you’ve heard all you need to make up your own mind.

Everyone is looking for a way to improve their smile without letting the world know they’re doing it, and quite right too. So we’ve developed a complete range of services to help people feel better about their smile, and make it easier for people to keep their mouths healthy at the same time.

We use a range of Invisible Aligners at Hartley Dental. Of course the word invisible is a great term for the marketers but perhaps the more accurate term would be ‘less visible’ as they aren’t completely invisible to the eye, let’s be clear about that.

We also provide invisible fixed braces which sit inside the teeth, and are usually therefore much less visible other than a thin wire that may be seen between gaps in the teeth but for fixing crowded teeth you don’t even see that.

We have the Damon System, which is not invisible as such, but with tooth coloured fixings and wire, the effect is much less dramatic than it ever used to be, and actually much kinder on the teeth too.

A range of treatment times

We have treatments that take an hour, such as closing small gaps, to those with a quick 12 week course, or some that can be longer term for many months. This commitment has a different impact on people depending on their own circumstances.

If you are considering braces, why not pop in for a chat and discuss the vast range of options available to you. We may be able to provide an alternative solution to your problem that achieves your desired outcome.

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“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015