Why Do Our Patients Choose to Have Orthodontic Treatment?

At Hartley Dental we take real pride in the treatments we provide for our patients. If there’s one thing that never fails to provide a great deal of satisfaction for both our patients and our team, it’s orthodontic treatments – or, put simply, teeth straightening.

Let’s get this straight (no pun intended) from the start; we can well and truly banish the visions of the Ugly Betty type ‘train track’ braces, with big lumps of metal protruding from each and every tooth. There are so many different types of orthodontic systems available now, this kind of fear is truly a thing of the past.

Orthodontic treatment is a big investment for anyone and, naturally, there are certain elements of fear. That’s why it’s important for every patient to have absolute trust in their chosen orthodontic dentist. Here’s why our patients choose to have orthodontic treatment with us:

1. A proven track record

First and foremost, we have a proven track record of offering safe orthodontic treatments. Charlie, our dentist and practice owner has a really keen eye for detail and genuinely listens to what our patients want and desire, making sure any treatment plan and solution he provides are totally safe. Charlie also has well over 10 years of experience when it comes to completing orthodontic treatments – making him really competent in this area across the board.

All of our orthodontic brackets (the bits that actually attach to your teeth) are expertly made and bespoke to each patient by recognised dental laboratories, such as Wired Orthodontics in Totnes.

2. Effective treatments

A second powerful reason for our patients choosing us is how effective the treatments are – they do exactly what they say on the tin! The key part of this for us is helping manage patients expectations – it’s not always realistic to say we can achieve what the patients want in the first instance. However, with really effective and clear communication, we can build a bespoke treatment plan and investment guide for each and every patient, ensuring they are totally aware and happy with what treatment will be carried out.

We have many happy customers who have been treated and please feel free to view one particular review from Mr. Francis which gives a really re-assuring and pleasing view of how effective our services are.

3. Top quality service

We’re completely committed to offering top quality care to every patient who comes through our doors and this is no different for orthodontic patients. We use various top quality products to ensure our patients achieve the planned results. This includes an orthodontic system called Damon Clear  and Invisalign.

We also realise that sometimes the investment needed for these treatments by our valued patients is substantial and can therefore be a concern for them. However, at Hartley Dental we are here to help, so we offer 0% finance to customers spending over £750, which is then repayable over 6 or 10 months. We have found that this option has been a real help to many patients, as payments can be spread over these periods and make the whole process more affordable and manageable for them.

4. A professional, caring approach

A really strong personal incentive for many orthodontic patients, is the desire to improve their appearance, look and self esteem. There is absolutely no shame in this and at Hartley we recognise this and embrace that concept fully – no ‘headmaster like’ finger wagging from Charlie – simply a polite, professional and caring approach.

Having crooked or displaced teeth can have a really negative affect on people’s self esteem, confidence and social interactions. The Hartley Team want to help here and our treatments aim not only to make you healthier, but also to make you exceptionally proud of your look and smile when you stand in front of the mirror!

5. A healthier you

Although we love helping our patients achieve that great smile and look, our core ethos and main goal is to improve our patients’ oral health. Charlie’s extensive experience has taught him that, for Orthodontic treatments to be really effective, the patient needs to have a high level or oral health and, indeed, oral health awareness.

To this end, we fully involve our prevention-led Hygiene team of Dean and Hannah in the early stages of the process. These consummate professionals help ensure that each patient’s mouth is nice and clean before any orthodontic treatments commence, give guidance and advice on effective home oral health routines and help identify any underlying teeth or gum issues, which may be of concern to that patient. This all adds to a great process for our patients.

So if you want a safe, effective, recognised and professional course of orthodontic treatment, the Hartley Dental Team might just be the people for you….