Teeth Whitening Before and After Pictures

How Teeth Whitening can give you your confidence back


One of the biggest pleasures in being a dentist (and yes, there are a few!) is being able to get someone’s teeth into really good shape. Restoring somebody’s teeth to good health usually dramatically improves their appearance as well.

Having a smile you feel happy about can really enhance your life. The patient whose teeth are shown below, had suffered a major loss in self confidence.  In fact he was so under-confident, it was actually his mother who made the appointment for him to come and see us.

Rather than cutting into the patient’s teeth and fitting expensive, porcelain veneers, we used two simple techniques to transform his smile.  The results you can see here were achieved by whitening teeth with bleaching gel and replacing his old fillings with our new ones – two simple techniques, but as you can see, they bring about magical results.