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Thank you for all the effort and time you have put in from the day I entered the Practice, until leaving with a brand new smile. A truly accommodating Practice where the results speak for themselves. I’m so glad I chose this Practice to have my orthodontics, and have/would highly recommend to anyone. Can’t thank you all enough.

J. Stevens

Thank you so much for my amazingly straight teeth! Although at times I have cursed you for making me look like Ugly Betty for 10 months I now know it was all worth it! Hopefully I’ll be this happy on my wedding day.

L. Dale

I put off going to the Dentist for a long time, as I am extremely anxious and nervous about the whole experience of visiting the dentists in general. When I finally booked an appointment, I chose Hartley Dental, mainly due to the way the team made me feel – really welcome and valued. They also listened to my concerns and showed a really genuine interest in me as a person, which I didn’t expect. The whole team are really nice, friendly and nothing was too much trouble, especially when they found out that I was nervous. The treatment was great and I would happily recommend Hartley Dental to any other nervous people out there! Charlie and his team are really great!

Andrew Mark Mallett

I want to add to the testimonials written by previous patients who have had helpful and successful dealings with Hartley Dental. Last week I found myself phoning the practice concerning my adult daughter who was in great pain in London with a root canal issue. I randomly phoned Hartley Dental seeking advice and guidance as to how to help my daughter with the possibility of bringing her down from London for treatment. When I phoned the surgery, I was met with real warmth, kindness and empathy and a deep concern for the predicament my daughter was in. I was given advice and guidance as to how to help by both Nicky, who took my original call, and one of the dentists in the practice. I relayed this advice which was followed with great success, and dealt with the problem at hand. I wanted to write of my experience with this practice because I found it such a relief to have found a team of people willing to help and give advice with nothing to gain for themselves that I wanted to recommend them to others in need of dental advice and treatment.

Kim Macleod

Hartley Dental’s team are always responsive, helpful and caring giving a really exceptional experience! From the fantastic waiting room, the free nespresso coffee, free WiFi and great selection of magazines all go to make the experience a good one. The quality of Dental care has been great the the surgeries are really clean and hygienic. I would recommend Charlie and the team at Hartley to anyone needing any type of Dentistry.

Edward Bailey

I would like to say how impressed I am with one of your staff, her name also is Rachel who gave me exemplary service and tried her very best to help me, called me at 9.06 am which I was so impressed, then later on in the day called me at 6.17pm to check if I had sorted out my issue with my denture and offered me a discounted fee if I still needed your practices help after speaking to one of the dentists. She really cared and was so very nice on the phone, I will be recommending your practice! Friendly, bubbly on the phone, gave fantastic advise and actually cares about the patient. Thank you very much for a great experience.

Rachel Adkins

I have just had two successful root canal fillings done by Charles and his team . I am quite nervous of the dentist and was not looking forward to it never having had this done before . I can honestly say it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be and I would recommend Hartley Dental practice to anyone looking for a dentist with a friendly competent team

Linda Quinn

For so many years, I put off getting braces out of fear of being embarrassed or looking silly, until it got past the point where I was more self-conscious about not having straight teeth, than I would be, wearing braces. I decided to go to Hartley Dental, as they are one of a few practices in the south west that seem to work with Damon Braces, which I was keen to get fitted. I was welcomed into the practice and given some really helpful guidance, at which point I knew I was making the right decision. After all, getting braces can be costly in both time and money.

I’ve had to have two wisdom teeth extracted before braces, which I was fairly nervous about. Charlie and his team made it seem a doddle… from Justyna the receptionist comforting my nerves by telling me about the time she had her wisdom teeth out and her own fears of the dentist, to Charlie and the nurse’s concise and calming presence! I healed really quickly and not long after, got my braces on! Charlie let me plug in my iPod throughout the two hours, and Maleesa made me feel even more excited by showing me the molds of what my teeth will look like afterwards.

I’ve had these braces on a week now and my teeth have already began to move noticeably, so much more than I’d expected. I’m really looking forward to going back to my next appointment, as I do with every appointment. The staff at Hartley are so warm and welcoming; as is the atmosphere of the surgery – two words I would never have thought I would associate with a dental practice! I would definitely recommend Hartley.

Jordi Francis

Having made enquiries from my friends who I should attend for Dental Treatment, one of them recommended your practice.

Following my recent treatment with you. I would like to take this opportunity to commend not only your Dental Hygienist and Nursing Staff, but of course the high level of care and attention you personally provide for your patients.

Your waiting room is a relaxed environment, with excellent coffee on hand and an up to date news paper or magazine to read while one waits to be seen. This makes a change to the Dr Surgery where one can always catch up with the news from 1999.

Thank you for the painless precision fitting of the crown you provided, which helps to maintain my self-esteem for a few more years. I look forward to seeing you again as bits of me continue to crumble or drop off, as I advance towards my late retirement years.

Henry Owen

I would just like to share a big thank you with all the staff at Hartley Dental. I’m such a nervous patient, yet you all reassure me and I feel the most comfortable I ever have in a dentist’s surgery with you!

I still have my knee-knocking days but somehow you always manage to turn that around…last week I was even laughing during treatment. I never thought that was possible. So once again, many, many thanks!


Professional, pleasant and painless experience with Katie, the dental hygienist. As a new patient I was very pleased with the information given during the treatment; procedure was explained step by step which made me feel at ease.

I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.


It all started as I’m getting married in November and I was concerned my wedding photos wouldn’t show in my face how happy I am.

From the minute I plucked up the courage to make that phone call and take the first step to put a smile back on my face, i was made to feel at ease, every member of the team was so professional and friendly that it gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment I so longed for.

If you’re considering dental treatment I would highly recommend to just go for it; the dentist, in my eyes, is no longer a dreaded place. Dr Charles made me feel relaxed at all times and it was worth every penny.

My experience has certainly put a smile on my face and I can put behind me my awful experiences as a child growing up. It’s hard to put into words how I feel right now; I’m so happy now looking forward to our wedding!


The day before I was about to leave the UK for a trip abroad my tooth broke in half necessitating emergency treatment. Scrambling around for somewhere to treat me I settled on Hartley Dental, completely by chance. This was a decision I did not regret.

The first stage was great with Andre providing an immediate diagnosis and treatment to at least get me on my plane. On my return I started my treatment with Charles who took me through the whole process of what was required, unfortunately in my case root canal surgery.

This was news I didn’t want to hear but through the reassurances and explanations I received I was confident that all would be OK.
5 or 6 visits later and 2 months on my teeth are back to normal. The root canal surgery went without a hitch and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hartley Dental to my friends.

Steven B 

FABULOUS ! thats how you made me feel and now i cant stop smiling, and loads of people have commented on how lovely my teeth are.

I had been to the same dentisit since I was a child. As I headed towards 40 I thought my once big smile was not looking so good. My old dentsit had put in horrible big black fillings, I had cracked and broken molar teeth, and to be quite honest I was somewhat embarrassed by the amount of fillings that showed when I smiled.

I contemplated having something done for quite a while and made lots of enquires and did my research before I chose Hartley Dental. Right from the offset, they put my mind at ease. I was made to feel welcome and special too. All the staff are absolutly lovely, and Charles is in my opinion a fantastic dentist.

During the summer of 2010 i had over 15 treatments. I was an extremly nervous patient , not only due to bad experiences in the past but also i was anticiapating spending a lot of money on having my teeth done, and was anxious if i was making the right decision. If it would be all worth while.

My treatments included whitening, all my fillings replaced, and several crowns.

The result. Well…. just astonishing. What a huge difference it has made to me. So many of my friends and collegues have noticed my new smile. Just as I was finishing my final treatments, I went on holiday and When i came back with a tan and perfectly white teeth i remember walking into a work meeting and everyone stopped and looked at me. I felt on top of the world.

I experienced no pain at all during any of the treatments. There was really no need for me to worry at all, and very soon my sweaty palms and beating heart was gone. I can honestly say the whole experience was made so easy and pleasent by Charles and his team.

I would like to say a huge THANKYOU to everyone involved

I would definately reccommend Hartley Dental to anyone who is looking for a new dentist, or thinking about having extensive dentistry work done.

kind regards to everyone
Jo M

I am delighted with what I like to call, my new teeth. When I started my treatment I was missing a crown, had several fillings in need of attention and I was embarrassed by the colour of my teeth. Several treatments later, including a new crown and tooth whitening and I can eat again with gusto and can smile unashamedly. During treatment I was able to compare the new work with the old and I was stunned by the difference in quality; I had no idea how poor my previous dental work had been.

Bad experiences in the past had put me off Dentists, but my view has changed. Everyone at the practice is friendly, professional and all go out of their way to put you at ease. I highly recommend this practice.

Helena A

Hartley Dental is a friendly very professional practice with a personal and positive approach. We have always found all aspects of the service and routine care to be of the highest standard.
When you visit the practice you are immediately at ease in the relaxing environment – bright and welcoming with complimentary coffee/drinks etc. which always makes a good start to the visit!
Recently I lost a large old filling which left me with an unsightly gap. Following Charles’ advice I opted for a porcelain onlay which enabled me to keep more of the original tooth. I am delighted with the result which is featured on the website! Thank you Charles and the team for the excellent service you provide.

Sally H

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the way that you and your team have treated me over the past 6 weeks. As you know, I had been with the same dental practice in Reading for 40 years, and so moving to a new area and having to choose a new dentist is quite daunting when you have been used to the same familiar faces for such a long period of time.

I was very fortunate in having chosen your practice – as it offers the personal and friendly service which I am used to, and can so easily be lacking in todays professions. After the treatment you have skilfully performed over the past 6 weeks, I am even more impressed with the care and sensitivity in which you dealt with me – and I am delighted with the end result!

Mr. J

A short note to say I am very pleased with the new appliances, which are not only comfortable but far exceed my expectations. Many thanks again.

Mr B

Thank you for giving me back the freedom to smile as broadly as I might wish, on any and every occasion. For years now I have disliked family photographs which included me because I was so conscious of my ugly teeth. Now I feel like a cat with a saucer of cream, and I grin, appropriately, wider whenever I think of my new appearance.

Amazingly, in my experience, my new appliance has been comfortable since the beginning.

I am so very grateful to you for the care, advice and attention to detail which has produced this happy result.

Mrs Gillian W

I am happy to say that I found my recent dental implant to be completely straightforward and nothing at all to be concerned about. I am absolutely delighted with the result. Please feel free to pass on my comments to any other patient of yours who might be contemplating the same procedure.

Ms Kathleen S