What is a Hygiene Therapist & What Do They Do?

Hygiene Therapy is a positive, forward thinking and revolutionary way of offering restorative Dentistry to our valued patients and we are very lucky to have one in the form of Dean Hunt, who most of you will already know!

Dean has recently completed a 3 year Hygiene Therapy Degree Course at the University of Bristol, which enables him to complete certain types of restorative treatment, under prescription from Charlie. Those additional treatments, which Dean can now expertly and safely provide are:

All types of fillings (except root fillings),
Extractions of primary teeth.

Dean is an excellent clinician, who’s levels of accuracy with Dental treatments is absolutely outstanding, so Charlie and the team have every confidence in his abilities to perform these treatments to a superb standard – we trust in his skills.

So How Does That Benefit You?

Well, as you know Charlie is the only Dentist at Hartley, so by having a second clinician who can complete top notch restorative treatments will help reduce waiting times for starters. If Charlie is fully booked, there is a safe, trained and available second option in the guise of Dean – great news!

We pride ourselves on our clinical excellence here at Hartley – Charlie insists on it! By having such a capable, competent and clinically skilled Hygiene Therapist as Dean helps reduce the pressure on Charlie – it makes him happier and more relaxed, as he knows that your needs are being taken care of to an equal standard when Dean is treating you.

We want you to trust Dean as much as we do, to complete those restorative treatments – why not have a chat to him about it when you’re next in for your Hygiene appointment – he is always happy to share his experiences.

Note: The General Dental Council (GDC) scope of Practice for Hygiene Therapists can be found here for reference.