White fillings before and after photos

White Filling Replacements – before and after photos

In the before and after pictures of white fillings below, we took out the patient’s old fillings and replaced them with multi-layered, natural-coloured fillings.

Shades of Pale

Of course, there are many different shades of tooth colour, and the skill is to match the material precisely enough so that other people can’t tell the difference!

So much better if the owner can’t tell the difference either, and that’s happened to our patients a few times. It’s great when that happens.

Front Teeth Gap

In the case study pictures below, there was also a gap between the patient’s front teeth and so we added a little of the tooth-coloured material to the teeth on either side of the gap.  Straightening the teeth is another benefit of this incredibly versatile cosmetic dental material (a subject of a future post)

How much difference can white fillings make?

As you can see, the two techniques blended together have enhanced this patient’s smile so much that she now looks like a different person.

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