Why Choosing Hartley Dental Will be Your Healthiest Decision of 2018!

There’s a question that Charlie and the team often discuss: “Why should people choose to come to Hartley Dental over the other dental practices in Plymouth?”

It’s a great question. We could write a blog entirely about how brilliant our clinical team are (which they absolutely are) and focus purely on the treatment side of things – but we realise that dentistry is not just about that. After all – every practice has great clinicians – so that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

So the real question is: “What makes Hartley stand out from the rest?”

First and foremost, we realise a lot of people haven’t been to the dentist for a long time, which is obviously not good from a health perspective – but totally understandable if you’re nervous and/or embarrassed about the state of your teeth. We understand this and we don’t judge anyone!

All we want is for you to feel welcomed and valued.

The Hartley Dental Team will NEVER:

  • ‘Tell you off’ about your oral health,
  • Lecture you about your oral health,
  • Make you feel guilty in any way, about anything,
  • Be condescending in anyway – we are all just humans at the end of the day and We just want to help!

The Hartley Dental Team will ALWAYS:

  • Listen to your views, opinions and desires during your journey and experience with us,
  • Advise and guide you on every treatment option available to you,
  • Welcome you with a smile and eye contact, along with treating you with dignity and respect,
  • Build great relationships with Charlie, Dean, Janie and the rest of the team – who simply want you to feel welcome and make your teeth healthier!

So What Else Does Hartley Offer?

We want you to feel as relaxed as possible when you visit us, which is why we invest so much in the building itself.

We have a luxurious waiting room, which is specifically designed to feel like anything but a dental practice – even down to using odour free cleaning products so there is no horrible ‘clinical smell’ in the waiting area.

Our Waiting Room – What An Amazing Space!

We also make the following 15 core promises to you:

  1. We will always welcome you with a smile, eye contact and a polite manner. We will always treat you with dignity and respect,
  2. The practice will always be clean and tidy – meaning it is a safe place for you to visit,
  3. We will always act in a professional and trustworthy manner,
  4. We will promote preventative dentistry at all times,
  5. Any clinical diagnosis will be fully explained to you, with a conscious effort to avoid using ‘Dental Jargon,’
  6. Any clinical diagnosis will be totally bespoke to your individual needs,
  7. We will make sure that they discuss every available treatment option with you,
  8. We will ensure that all of your personal information is kept totally confidential and that we adhere fully to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We promise to give you access to the records that we hold about you in the appropriate circumstances,
  9. We promise to always work together, in the best interests of our patients,
  10. We promise to undertake relevant and certified training on an ongoing basis,
  11. We promise to respond to any feedback that you may have in a prompt, professional and clear manner – whether that feedback is good, bad or indifferent,
  12. We promise not to discriminate against you in any way,
  13. We promise not to make you feel embarrassed about your Oral Health or chastise you in any way whilst being treated by the Hartley team,
  14. We promise to be honest and accurate when detailing the cost of treatments,
  15. We promise to utilise technology to ensure our communications with your are clear and concise, making your experience with Hartley Dental a really positive one.

Providing excellent customer service at every stage of your journey and experience with our team, is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on this. Put simply, we want to, “Treat You The Right Way!”

Oh and by the way… you can have a lovely coffee while you wait, having logged on to the free WiFi!

If you’re not currently a member of Hartley Dental, then why not get in touch and book your 24 Point New Patient Assessment? Simply call 01752 661361 or contact us here.

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