Better health and well being this summer


Although the weather is doing it’s best to deceive us, summer is here and it’s a great time of year to give your health and wellbeing a boost.

Better general health and improved well being bring with it a host of benefits. Healthier people generally have better energy levels, a better quality of sleep and less stress. Their body functions better so they function better.

What you eat and the amount of exercise you do are direct influencers when it comes to health and well being. But better well being isn’t just about improving the physical function of the body. Emotional and mental well being are just as important and should be nurtured and developed.

Sometimes making sweeping changes to your lifestyle can seem daunting and intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for easy ways you can feel good and healthy this summer.

  1. Walk more

Set yourself the challenge of walking an extra 30 minutes each day. With lighter mornings and evenings there’s plenty of time to get out and have a stroll. Regular walking helps prevent disease, improves the quality of sleep and makes you feel good!

  1. Get outside

To walk more you have to get outside (unless you just want to stand on a treadmill for 30 minutes!) and getting outside is a great thing. Pack up a picnic and head to the park, ride a bike or head to the beach. As a dentists in Plymouth, we’re lucky enough to have the Great Outdoors on our doorsteps, from the fabulous Dartmoor to the stunning coast. Wherever you are, stepping outside will do wonders for your health and well being.

  1. Eat something new

Our brains are clever pieces of kit and if we eat the same foods over and over again they get used to it. Trying something new can stimulate a positive response in the brain so keep your diet fresh and varied through the summer months.

  1. Make homemade treats

Following on in this vein, summer is the perfect time to make homemade healthy snacks. Instead of ice lollies and milkshakes why not try a spot of berry picking and whizz up a fresh smoothie or try some DIY ice lollies? Fun and healthy all in one.

  1. Sleep better

If you want to feel better then you have to sleep better. Turn off your phone, tablet or laptop 30 minutes before you go to sleep and you’ll instantly notice a difference. Good sleep is imperative for the body to recover. Make sure you get enough of it.

  1. Remember to floss!

Flossing will make you feel good – we promise. We see so many patients who don’t or won’t floss yet it’s the most effective way of cleaning in between your teeth. Having healthy teeth and gums will boost your immune system and reduce the chances of you getting sick as well as leaving your mouth feeling great.