New Patient Consultation & Oral Health Check

The first step on your journey towards better oral health is our comprehensive oral health check. Call us on 01752 661361 to speak to our expert team and book your first appointment.

Starting with an in-depth consultation and ending with a full treatment plan (Click here to see an example treatment plan) produced by Dr Fox, the 1 hour and 15 minute appointment includes:

  • Welcome to Hartley Dental

    You’ll spend the first half an hour of your appointment with one of our Customer Care Champions (an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly member of the team), who will take that time to complete your medical history and ask relevant questions to find out what you want to achieve and what you desire from your Hartley Dental journey. The will try and answer all of your questions and outline some treatments and options that may best suit you. The Customer Care Champion can accompany you through your appointment if you wish or feel free to bring a friend or family member to accompany you – we realise a trip to the Dentist can be a nerve wracking experience for a lot of people.

  • 24 Point Oral Health Check

    The 24 Point Oral Health Check where Charlie will take X-Rays, perform an Oral Cancer Screen, take clinical photographs of your teeth and various other key checks on your head, neck, mouth, teeth and gums. Charlie will also take the time to find out what YOU want from your journey with Hartley, making us totally patient led.The Customer Care Champion will accompany you through this process to help make you feel at ease during your time in the Dentist’s chair and to enable them to complete part 3 of the process:

  • Identifying Your Options

    This is a second period of time with the Customer Care Champion if needed, who can answer any further questions you may have after the appointment, help put your mind at ease about the process and book those all important first appointments to gt your Hartley journey going. We want to be fully aware of your wants and desires, so please ask as many questions as you like – don’t be shy – we want to know!

  • Full Treatment Plan

    Dr Fox will formulate a full treatment plan for you, examples of which you can see below.
    This will include a detailed analysis of your mouth and teeth as well as explaining what work is required, why it’s needed and how much it will cost. Check out an example treatment plan.

You’ll get all of this expert care and advice, for just £125 and there’s no obligation on your part to take up any treatment from Hartley Dental.*

Our main goal is to improve your health and make you feel good about your smile – it’s a simple as that.

*To secure the initial appointment as a new patient, a deposit payment of £50 is required in advance to secure that appointment. This deposit is non refundable. Refunds may be processed in exceptional circumstances, but this is at the discretion of the clinical director.

Why choose Hartley Dental Practice?

So what sets Hartley Dental apart from all the other Private Dentists in the Plymouth area? Well we think quite a lot actually, a few quick pointers below, which we think mean we really do offer a premium service:

  • An outstanding dentist

    Dr Charlie Fox has worked at Hartley for over ten years, buying the practice in 2003. Charles believes in patient led care, offering advice and information at all stages of treatment. Not only is he an amazing dentist but he genuinely cares about all his patients.

  • Dedicated Customer Care Champions

    Our Customer Care Champion is there specifically to assist our patients through their treatment – and we don’t mean a Dental Nurse who moonlights as a TC between appointments or for only a few hours a week – we mean a full time and DEDICATED role, which is tailored to fit YOUR needs.

  • Luxury

    Luxury is not often a word you’d associate with a dentist but it’s one that sits at the heart of what we do. Our waiting area is (simply put) luxurious, with top quality furniture and a selection of sports magazines, lifestyle magazines, shipping magazines, military editions and even private eye, which are all refreshed on a monthly basis. We also have a daily Delivery of the Western Morning News and ‘i’ newspapers for your pleasure.

  • Great coffee!

    We offer free Lavazza coffee to all our visitors – something to help calm the nerves perhaps!?

  • Free WiFi

    We have free Wifi in the waiting room – helping you check work emails or keep abreast of events on your social media while you wait.

  • Outdoor Space

    A lovely garden area, where in the summer you can sit in the sun and wait for your appointment.

  • Top Facilities

    We have a BRAND NEW reception desk area, helping support our team in delivering the premium service you all deserve from private care.

Sounds good right? Call us on 01752 661361 to speak to our expert team and book your first appointment.

Terms and Conditions apply, which can be found here.

So What Happens When I Agree to Go Ahead With My Treatment Plan?

Great! You’ve decided to come to Hartley Dental for your treatment, welcome! Now what happens? Well depending on what is in your treatment plan, we will ensure that the appropriate appointments are booked well in advance with Dr. Fox and the Hygiene Team, which consists of Dean (Hygiene Therapist) and Janie (Hygienist).

You may well need to have a Hygiene appointment with either Dean or Janie before you commence treatment with Dr. Fox, so they can give your mouth and teeth a good clean and give you some really easy to understand a relevant Oral Health tips and advice.

We make every effort to give every patient the best and most appropriate solution to their Oral Health issues.

So, you’re now on your new journey in partnership with the Hartley Dental team – enjoy the ride and always feel free to ask any questions!

Membership & Plans

A simple method of looking after your teeth and mouth at a price you can really afford.

Our membership includes:

  • Examinations
  • Dental Hygienist appointments (30mins per visit)
  • X-rays
  • Out of hours emergency cover
  • Accidental injury cover,
  • Emergency cover away from home including when abroad 
  • A discount on any restorative work required.

We have a four tier system which gives you cover whether you need anything from our most straight forward treatments, to regular treatments for serious gum disease. After an initial assessment we will be able to advise you which of our plans best suits your needs.

And you can get all of this for as little as…

A month

“It all started as I’m getting married in November and I was concerned my wedding photos wouldn’t show in my face how happy I am.

From the minute I plucked up the courage to make that phone call and take the first step to put a smile back on my face, i was made to feel at ease, every member of the team was so professional and friendly that it gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment I so longed for.

If you’re considering dental treatment I would highly recommend to just go for it; the dentist, in my eyes, is no longer a dreaded place. Dr Charles made me feel relaxed at all times and it was worth every penny.

My experience has certainly put a smile on my face and I can put behind me my awful experiences as a child growing up. It’s hard to put into words how I feel right now; I’m so happy now looking forward to our wedding!”

Wendy, October 13th 2015