Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment – including impressions, retainers and whitening kit – £325 – by a fully qualified clinician. 

Did you know that the only people LEGALLY allowed to carry out GENUINE teeth whitening treatments are Dentists? Dental whitening has been offered by other people in the past, however, you should be aware it is illegal.

Unsure this is accurate? why not see for yourself here – http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/dentalhealth/Pages/teeth-whitening.aspx

Here at Hartley we feel strongly the only place to get whiter teeth is your dental practice. It is important to assess your suitability for whitening before proceeding as there may be other issues with your Oral Health that need dealing with first – we operate a health first approach, putting your best interests at the centre of our ethos.

We like to think that teeth whitening gives people their best smile and therefore encourages them to show it off more often!

When we feel happy about our smiles we look better, feel better and have the power to brighten up other people’s day.

Teeth whitening (or teeth bleaching) is a fantastic tool for improving the appearance of discoloured teeth. It is simple, effective and there are no significant disadvantages or side effects. Teeth Whitening is one of those techniques that demonstrates just how much dentistry has improved in the last twenty years or so.

Removing discolouration

Whitening your teeth to make them brighter, can be as simple as applying special whitening gel into a set of plastic ‘trays’ which are moulded specifically to fit your upper and lower teeth.

How do we do this? We take impressions of your teeth during your first appointment, then send them off to our partner Boutique Whitening who send back the trays, made especially for you! There is no drilling or anything you would normally associate with the dentist involved with this process!

Why choose Hartley Dental?

Every case is individual, and the advantage of visiting us to have your teeth whitened is that we have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to talk through all your options with you.

Using poor quality products and poor methods to bleach teeth can damage the enamel or the nerves of your their teeth. At Hartley Dental, the methods we use  are gentle and safe.  We have a proven track record and have been bleaching teeth for over 10 years.  During this time have tried many different methods and products, so we know that the treatments we offer you are the highest quality.

Teeth whitening before and after pictures:

We hope you find the following images useful, just look at what can be achieved!


We recently treated one of our valued customers with Boutique Whitening (the brand we recommend). They got these stunning results after just 12 nights of home whitening treatment!

Mollie Q said: “I just wanted to say thank you to Hartley for my teeth whitening kit. I am very happy with them and will see you in a couple of years for a top up!” Yet more great reasons to choose Hartley Dental for your Teeth Whitening in Plymouth.

Inside and outside teeth whitening

extreme teeth whitening

When treating extreme cases of tooth discolouration we can transform someone’s smile by employing a combination of tooth whitening techniques.

We treated some of the teeth from the outside using bleaching gel. But the seriously dark teeth were also treated from the inside by removing the old, dark filling from the back of the tooth.

How to change someone’s life in a day

teeth whitening before and after at Hartley Dental

For people who have spent years smiling with their mouths closed or devising other ways of hiding their teeth, the combined effect of teeth whitening treatments and the replacement of their old fillings can be truly life-changing.

Magical white fillings

One of the biggest pleasures in being a dentist (and yes, there are a few!) is being able to get someone’s teeth into really good shape.  Restoring somebody’s teeth to good health usually dramatically improves their appearance and confidence as well.

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Questions About Teeth Whitening

The whitening treatment we offer does not need any recovery time as such, due to the treatment being administered by you at home. You will experience some sensitivity after the applications, but this will subside completely once the treatment is finished.
Yes, hot or cold. However, NEVER drink anything hot whilst the trays and gel are in your mouth – it will distort the trays and mean we have to start again!
The same as drinking – nothing while the trays and gel are in your mouth – other than that, your usual diet won’t do any harm to the whitening process!
When the trays are in your mouth, it is a bit like wearing a gum shield, so this may mean you can’t talk as you would normally, however other than this minor detail, there will be no issues around your speech due to whitening.

12 days/nights. Not long to wait to have that great smile!

“I would highly recommend Hartley Dental, in fact, I was so impressed that I made appointments for my husband and our children. Thanks again for a great service.”

Jana, October 10th 2015

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  • A discount on any restorative work required.

We have a four tier system which gives you cover whether you need anything from our most straight forward treatments, to regular treatments for serious gum disease. After an initial assessment we will be able to advise you which of our plans best suits your needs.

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