A range of veneers, to improve your smile and boost your self confidence!

When people think of Veneers, they imagine the perfect set of pearly white teeth seen on American TV. And while that entire replacement of the front of teeth with slivers of porcelain can still be an option, the range of cosmetic dental treatments has grown to give ‘something for everybody’. See below for some of the options available to you.

As traditional veneer treatment is such an irreversible process, and people have to maintain the veneers for life, a lot of people prefer a less invasive procedure.

Immediate veneers

The advancement of dental materials has got to the point where the original teeth can be ‘built’ up with hard enamel like material, and colour matched to reshape and brighten any number of teeth.

This can solve issues of discolouration, or where individual teeth are simply not well aligned or shaped to the clients wishes. Closing gaps in front teeth is a prime example of this.

Advantages include being able to reverse the treatment, incurring less cost, as it can be a lot quicker and we don’t necessarily have to send anything away to dental laboratories. There is less waiting.

Teeth straightening and whitening

In addition to the immediate veneer (sometimes also called ‘instant veneers’), the treatment plan can include some minor teeth straightening, perhaps just the front six teeth, which can twist and align teeth.

Although not as ‘instant’, straightening can have a great impact in much less time than the traditional orthodontics. And, because the idea is to improve the smile, these braces can be nigh on invisible during the course of treatment, which can last around six months or so for a lot of people.

With the whitening, it can have an amazing effect on the smile and again, this is usually a lot less expensive and more convenient than the traditional veneers.

Porcelain onlays and veneers

It may be that some of the teeth in question are already damaged in some way, in which case, it can be an option to grind away part of the tooth and bond to a bespoke made porcelain veneer. And when this is the case, it can be perfectly understandable to want to match and improve a number of teeth at the same time.

The porcelain veneer remains a very powerful tool for the cosmetic dentist. But also, it is not the only one. If improving the smile is the goal, then it can be the cost and convenience as well as the appearance as factors to help people decide what is best for them.

If you would like to explore the options, then please don’t hesitate to book in and come and talk it through.

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