Your Investment Options

We believe our fees reflect the high quality of service and dentistry we provide. As we treat every patient as an individual the below fee guide is just that a guide. For a full understanding of fee please call one of the team or pop into the practice, we are here to help. We always make sure that any investment of your hard earned money, is for the benefit of your health, looks and self esteem.

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Treatment Price
30 Minute New Patient Initial Oral Health Assessment £100
Orthodontic Assessment £195
Healthy Mouth Review £75
Emergency Appointment (Non Registered) £195
Hygiene Appointment 45 minutes £135
Hygiene Appointment 30 minutes £90
Child Hygiene Appointment 15 Minutes £45
Teeth Whitening £295
Direct Access Hygiene £140
Small Filling £190
Medium Filling £285
Big Filling £380
Root Fillings £760
Crown Prep, Onlay Prep or Veneer Prep £380 each
Crown Fit or Veneer Fit £649 each
Onlay Fit £599 each
Simple Extraction From £190 each
Complex Extraction From £285 each
Surgical Extraction or Soft Tissue Inclusive of Suture Removal From £325
Maryland/RRB Bridge From £1,140
Implants From £3,000 per tooth
Part Acrylic Bridge From £1,465
Part CoCr From £1,695
Full Dentures From £3,500
Dermal Fillers From £280
Monthly Payable Adult Membership Plans From £19.25 per calendar month
Monthly Payable Children's Membership Plans From £8.75 per calendar month

Orthodontic Work – ICE Full Arch From £3,750, Damon System From £4,995. Lingual System Double Full Arch From £6,495.

Simply Smile Shortened Arch – Single From £1,900 & Double From £2,995

(Please be aware these prices are a guide as each case is different)
*Membership plan patients receive a 10% discount on the above (excluding plan prices). All prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the case and the time take to complete treatment. This will be advised as and when required. Excludes orthodontic treatment.

Please note that each patient is treated as a totally unique case, with no preconceptions being taken about treatment options. This enables us to make a bespoke treatment plan and investment breakdown for each and every person. The required investment therefore may vary depending on the complexity of each individual case.

“I would just like to share a big thank you with all the staff at Hartley Dental. I’m such a nervous patient, yet you all reassure me and I feel the most comfortable I ever have in a dentist’s surgery with you! I still have my knee-knocking days but somehow you always manage to turn that around…last week I was even laughing during treatment. I never thought that was possible. So once again, many, many thanks!”

Gemma, October 4th 2015